Texas Real Estate Power of Attorney

Texas Real Estate Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows the owner of some property (the principal) to nominate another person (the agent) to make some procedures in regard to this property.

The principal has a right to resctrict the number of actions that the agent has a right to do in this limited POA. Also, for the real estate power of attorney form to become legal, it must be notarized (in accordance with V.T.C.A., Estates Code § 751.0021).

To revoke the form, the principal must notify his or her agent in writing.

There is quite a lot of reasons why the owner would need to make the POA. Two of them are the following:

  • The desire to delegate real estate related actions to someone more qualified for this job
  • The absence of the principal in the place where the property exists

Steps to Get the POA Form Filled out

  1. Download and open the form with the help of your browser, some software, or simply print it out
  2. Write down the principal’s name.
  3. His or her current address, together with the city and the state, should be filled in.
  4. Next in line is the name of the agent.
  5. And his or her address information also goes after the name.

After filling out personal information, another section regarding the right of the agent starts.
In here, the principal should initial those functions which he or she wishes to grant to the agent, as well as provide the physical location of the property on the next line and the legal description of the real estate in the one after that.

The same information in the checkbox and the two lines (physical location and legal description of the property) should be present in each of the actions in case the principal decides to initiate them.

The third section of the Texas Real estate Power of Attorney is made in regard to the durability of the POA, with three choices for the principal to choose, a, b, or c. Choose the one that fits you the most, initiate, and check it.

In the last part, signatures must be placed.

  • First, put in the date when the document is being signed
  • Second, the principal’s signature and name should be written out
  • Third, the agent’s signature and print name should be placed

Additionally, the state of Texas requires two witnesses and a notary acknowledgment of this type of TX POA form, so they should also put some information into the document.

The very last part is the agent’s acceptance and signature.

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