Texas Limited Power of Attorney

Texas Limited Power of Attorney is a legal form that allows you (the principal) to give another person (the agent) to act on your behalf for a specific predefined deal or within a concrete time frame.

It is very important for this kind of Texas power of attorney (POA) form to be as precise as possible so that no questions would appear and no additional decisions could be made with the help of this document.

In most cases, people use this POA when they do not want to make certain actions by themselves or cannot do them at the present time.

Steps to Follow to Fill in a Limited POA

Download 01-137 form from here and fill it out using either your browser, some software, or simply by printing it and accurately filling it out by hand. After that, do the following steps that we will describe below.

Fill in all the Personal Information That is Needed

The Texas limited power of attorney form would ask you to write down into the blank spaces the following information that we have described to you in sequential order:

  1. The name of the principal that gives some authority to the agent
  2. The principal’s current and full residential address
  3. The full name (including the first, the middle, and the last ones) of an attorney-in-fact, or in other words, an agent
  4. The current address of your agent
  5. The current phone number of your agent

The final part, which is also the hardest one, is filling out the specific actions in which your agent will have the authority to represent you.

This is due to the fact that you would need to be as specific as you only can so that your wording in this power of attorney form will not produce any unnecessary and undesired actions from the side of the agent.

No matter how much you trust your agent, be as concrete as you can for your own future sake.

Coming back to the specifics, find the phrase “only the following acts on my behalf,” after which three lines would be placed. This is the exact place where you should put your limited actions to which the agent would have access.

Put Your Signature to Verify the Validity of This Document

Now it is time to check all of the information that you have put before and sign the limited power of attorney form if all is correct:

  • After the phrase “Signed this,” write down the two-digit day on which you are making this document, then the name of the month, and complete the year’s information
  • Then, place your signature if all is correct
  • And take your form to the notary public so that he or she will put down the rest of the needed information and notarize this document.
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