Texas Child Power of Attorney

Texas Child Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that enables a parent(s) or any other legal guardian(s) of a child to give their trustee a right to become a temporal guardian.

As children under the age of 18 cannot represent themselves in many state structures, they would need some kind of legal guardian to carry out such a function.

And in cases when parents cannot do that by themselves, legal guardians can appoint some close relative or a friend for this job. For example, parents can be:

  • Serving in the military
  • Traveling

However, note that as we are speaking about minor children and their parents, this type of POA is not durable, it can function only for up to a year. Afterward, the POA must be made again.

Texas Child Power of Attorney Form Preview

How can I Fill in This Form?

Download the form and fill it out either by using your browser, some software or through the means of simply printing and filling it out accurately by hand

Parent Information

In the first section of the POA, parents’ information is needed, including:

  • The name
  • The address with the residential building number, street, apartment number, city, and state
  • The telephone number or any other means of contact
  • The driver’s license

Also, do not forget to write down all the same information for the second parent. After that, decide whether the second parent will sign this document. If not, you would also need to specify the reasons for that.

Acknowledgment of Disclosure Statement

In this part, simply read the disclosure statement and initial your agreement with it. Either the issuing parent or both of them, depending on your previous choices, should initial here.

Prior Court Orders Concerning Child

Here you would need to notify in this document whether there was a court order issued with regards to your child.

This should be done by the first, or in other words, issuing parent:

  • Simply choose the first checkbox if no courts were issued and the second if there were
  • In the latter case, some additional information about this court order would need to be specified, such as the case number and the county.
  • The third option would be applied to those people who were granted the right to determine the place of residence of a child by the court.
  • Also, fill in the fourth checkbox if you have given copies of these statements to the agent.

Designation of an Agent

Now it is time to give some personal information about the agent that is to become a temporary guardian.

  1. Fill in the full name of this person
  2. After that, write down his or her current address
  3. The agent’s driver’s license and the state of the issue are also required
  4. With the last step in this section, fill in the telephone number or any other way of contacting this person

Children Covered by This Power of Attorney

In the fifth section, specify the information about each of the children that can be represented by this Texas Child Power of Attorney and the agent of your choice. This information would include the full name of the child and date of birth.

Powers (Areas of Authority)

The sixth section implies you choose the areas in which the guardian will have powers to act. Simply initial those checkboxes with authorities that you want your agent to be able to make.

Please, wisely choose which checkboxes to initial so that your agent will not have the powers that were unnecessary for your specific case.

Allergies and Special Health Needs

It is only logical that your guardian should be aware of any specific needs that the child would require. If your child has any, please use the blank space provided in this section to write down anything necessary.

Limitations on Agent

This section is only optional, so if you do not want to somehow restrict your agent, please skip this part. Otherwise, this is the place to write down some limitations.

Designation of Alternate Agent

Some might wish to add an additional alternate agent to this Texas POA form, and this section is made specifically for those people.

Here you would need to fill out the personal information of a second agent, such as fill name, current address, and telephone number.


As you can understand here, the limiting date of this POA form’s work should be written down, as well as your initial.

Effect of Subsequent Disability

In case you as the parent have any kind of disability that can influence the validity of this document or want this document to automatically terminate the day the court states your disability, please choose the second checkbox. If not, the first one is for you to initial.

Original and Copies

This is the section for you to specify the exact name and location of your child, as well as the exact locations of the copies.


In here, both parents should provide their signatures, names, and date of the signing. If the second parent cannot sign this document, then it should be specified why in the first section, “Parents.”

In any case, the issuing parent is obliged to sign, as well as provide the date and the name. For the second parent, the same information should be provided in the lower parts of the document with the same blank spaces.


The last part of this POA would be the signatures and some personal information of two witnesses, including their signatures, names, date of signing, and current addresses.

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